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Zion Abandons Elijah #3

Sun going down on the Elijah #3

In his January 31, 2014 Zion Oil & Gas Update, Company President Victor Carrillo announced: “Our original plans to re-enter the Elijah #3 well were delayed primarily due to problems that Lapidoth, our drilling contractor, experienced while drilling another well for a third party. In early January 2014, we initiated re-entry operations and the Lapidoth rig has now been released. Although we had hoped to encounter producible hydrocarbons, we did not (other than minimal amounts of gas) and we will now work to finalize all remaining plugging and abandonment procedures for that well.”

Israel’s deepest well ever targets 1.5 billion barrels

Noble Offshore
The deepest oil well drilled in Israel’s 65-year history may be the most important.
Houston’s Noble Energy Inc. (NBL) will probe 6,500 meters (4 miles) below the Mediterranean seabed later this year, targeting as much as 1.5 billion barrels of crude, equal to about 15 years of Israeli demand.