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Will Israel be energy independent soon?

Natural gas production from the offshore Leviathan gas reservoir should begin by 2018.


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Oil in Israel News

Can Israel become a giant in the oil and gold industries?

Oil and gold are both widely traded around the world. Israel now has both and these two commodities that remain largely untapped in the country could change the face of the Middle East forever.


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Israel Reverses Flow of Egypt Pipeline


November 5, 2014 | 4 Comments

Israeli natural gas fields hold big promise for Noble Energy

An officer points as he stands on a tanker carrying liquefied natural gas in the Mediterranean, some 10 kilometers from Hadera

An officer points as he stands on a tanker carrying liquefied natural gas in the Mediterranean, some 10 kilometers from Hadera


February 14, 2014 | 1 Comment

Zion Abandons Elijah #3

Sun going down on the Elijah #3

In his January 31, 2014 Zion Oil & Gas Update, Company President Victor Carrillo announced: “Our original plans to re-enter the Elijah #3 well were delayed primarily due to problems that Lapidoth, our drilling contractor, experienced while drilling another well for a third party. In early January 2014, we initiated re-entry operations and the Lapidoth rig has now been released. Although we had hoped to encounter producible hydrocarbons, we did not (other than minimal amounts of gas) and we will now work to finalize all remaining plugging and abandonment procedures for that well.”


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Bible Prophecy

This will change the way you read the Bible

Has the power and culture of the original Bible has been high-jacked by the English translators? The Bible we read today in English has had much of the meaning, power and Hebrew culture washed out of it by English translators!


December 3, 2014 | 5 Comments

Do the Blood Moons Signal an Israel Oil War?

What is a Blood Moon, why is this year and next so important and what do they have to do with Israel?


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Israel’s Gas – A Hook in Russia’s Jaw?

Russia’s Gazprom, the Russian natural gas monopoly, was back in Israel this week meeting with Delek Group executives to ‘examine possible cooperation’ in producing and delivering natural gas to Europe from Israel’s newly discovered massive gas fields in the Mediterranean. (read more…)


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“Breaking The Treasure Code” Tells the Story of Israel’s Oil Discovery


Breaking the Treasure Code: The Hunt For Israel’s Oil tells the story of the prophecy leading to Israel’s oil discovery and its fulfillment today. In light recent exploration and of Israel’s breaking news of a massive natural gas discovery off the coast of Haifa, this book and its implications are more relevant today than ever. (read more…)


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The Oil of Israel: Prophecy Being Fulfilled

The Oil of Israel: Prophecy Being Fulfilled, the first book by Zion Oil & Gas Founder John Brown telling the story of Brown’s vision to discover the “Oil of Israel”. Includes Brown’s personal testimony and the scriptures that led to the search for Israel’s oil and the founding of Zion Oil & Gas. Brown shares his insights on true biblical faith and the vision and calling of Zion Oil. The book includes the full color maps of Israel’s ancient tribal boundaries and of Zion’s license area as well Zion’s progress to date in the search for Israel’s oil.  (read more …)


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The Great Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Front Cover Would you like to know?

  • Where the greatest treasure in the world is buried?
  • Why Russia will attack Israel?
  • The secret behind the battle of Armageddon?      (read more …)

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