Threats of War over Oil in the Mediterranean

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Israel Built Sa'ar 5-class Corvette

Israel has plans to enlarge its navy as the potential of a Mediterranean war with Lebanon looms over oil.  According to an October 18 UPI report, Israel is considering adding Israeli built warships to protect the Leviathan and Tamar offshore oil and gas fields. Israel’s navy is already scheduled to receive three new German made Dolphin class submarines.

According to the UPI report, “Neighboring Lebanon, which is technically at war with Israel, claims that Leviathan, the largest field yet found, runs into its territorial waters. Israel rejects that claim. The Iranian-backed Hezbollah has threatened military action to prevent Lebanese energy reserved being ‘looted.’”

In the south, Israel also must protect its current offshore gas platforms near Gaza from potential Hamas attack.

Both Hezbollah and Hamas are reported to have acquired anti-ship missiles from Iran that could be used against Israel’s offshore drilling platforms. Additionally, terrorist groups could simply sail explosive laden boats up to the platforms and detonate their cargo.

Lebanon’s news agency, The Daily Star, reported today that, “Lebanon is gearing up for a long-term oil and gas production program although the looming diplomatic crisis with Israel over each country’s share of undersea fossil fuels threatens full-scale conflict …”

Lebanon, still technically at war with Israel, disputes the current Israeli Lebanese maritime border and claims that thousands of square kilometers of Israel’s Tamar and Leviathan gas fields are within Lebanon’s maritime ‘Exclusive Economic Zone.’ The terrorist organization Hezbollah, now an official member of Lebanon’s government and backed by Syria and Iran has vowed that it will not let Israel take possession of the offshore oil and gas fields. Hezollah leader, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah , stated earlier this year, “Those who put a hand on the Lebanese territories that have oil assets will have their territories harmed in return.”

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4 Responses to “Threats of War over Oil in the Mediterranean”

  1. Gary L. Pence on October 21st, 2011 10:23 am

    Real Good to Hear From You, Steve:

    That’s fantastic news Israel is apparently becoming a huge player in the oil and gas exploration and production business. I am planning on going to Houston to try and find work with Noble so I can be a part of this great adventure. In my hometown area of Baton Rouge they are starting drilling operations. I have been proposing to various Senator’s and Congressman’s offices for the previous several months that we have a giant garage sale of our natural resources not only to create jobs, but; help reduce national debt. I guess someone conveyed some basic survival bat sense to the Department of Interior and EPA.

    I feel very positively if anyone even considers for a nano second any retobution of any harm to Israel or even slight disruption of their business affairs, the consequences from the Lord God Almighty will be overwhelming as one has never experienced before.

    Take Care Steve

    Gary L. Pence

  2. Harold Eriksen on October 21st, 2011 10:29 am

    I plan to invest heavilty in your venture to find oil and gas, just as soon as I resolve my difficulties (another 4 weeks and I should be out of the hole). I pray for Israel; that her dream to find oil and gas will be achieved soon. May God bless you mightly.


  3. isireli vosaicake. on October 21st, 2011 11:16 am

    I do beleive that the state of isreal is doing a very good thing in building its miltary capabilities with more sophisticated wepons to counter any threat from its enemies.To tell you the truth ,you will never be short of manpower as christian all over the world is once again ready to defend THE HOLY LAND,so go ahead and do it.

  4. Nancy Rivard on October 21st, 2011 12:18 pm

    Re: Oil War. Weather it’s Syria or whoever, next it’ll be who created the “Bagel” !
    IF Israel only knew the Power they have. IF they would humble themselves, and
    call upon His Name, His Hebrew Name, He would swiftly answer His People, and
    His enemies would certainly know Who He IS, and who they ore not. The only reason, His enemies get “away” with what they are doing to Israel is because Israel
    allows it. How many times does He have to say in His Word: “Call upon ME and I
    WILL answer thee, and show thee Great and Mighty things thou knowest not” !
    Jer 33:3 WHY does “man” say you can’t call upon The Name of the All Mighty Living
    One of Y’israel? When He says : DO IT! Shalom … Truth Hunter !

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