Lebanon Speaker Urges Fast Action on Offshore Gas Reserves

June 9, 2010 by  

Lebanon's Nabih Berri

(AFP) BEIRUT — Lebanese parliamentary speaker Nabih Berri on Wednesday urged his government to begin exploring offshore natural gas reserves, warning that neighboring Israel planned to lay claim to the prospective resources.

“Lebanon must take immediate action to defend its financial, political, economic and sovereign rights,” said Berri, who has submitted a bill to launch exploration of potential offshore reserves.

“Exploring our options in this field is our best bet to pay off Lebanon’s debts,” he told reporters.

Lebanon’s national debt, among the highest in the world, currently stands at more than 50 billion dollars (41.6 billion euros), equivalent to some 148 percent of GDP.

“Israel is racing to make the case a fait accompli and was quick to present itself as an oil emirate, ignoring the fact that, according to the maps, the deposit extends into Lebanese waters,” he said.

In a statement on its website, Norway-based Petroleum Geo-Services recently announced it had explored Lebanese waters which contained “valuable information” on potential offshore gas reserves in coordination with the Lebanese energy and water ministry.

And US-based Noble Energy said on its website that it had discovered enough natural gas at the Israeli Tamar and Dalit offshore fields to meet Israel’s needs for years.

It also announced the Leviathan prospect, offshore Israel in the Rachel and Amit licenses, as its next planned exploration target in the region in the fourth quarter of 2010.

Lebanon and Israel remain technically in a state of war and have no diplomatic ties.

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2 Responses to “Lebanon Speaker Urges Fast Action on Offshore Gas Reserves”

  1. ROBERT J. BLAKE on June 10th, 2010 5:24 pm


  2. dean staples on June 15th, 2010 11:58 am

    Israel is just beginning to find massive gas and oil deposits, I believe. So far they have discovered what some estimators believe to be 70 years worth of reserves. Let us suppose that as the search continues the amounts talked about by the USGS survey are un covered. Wouldn’t this be a HOOK in the JAW big enough to get GOG interested to come down into the Holy Land to take the spoil as spoken of by EZEKIEL 38???????????????????I think so! I have heard many things listed by many bible teachers as something this Hook could be. But notice lately the reaction by MR. PUTIN when he and Mr. Erdogan of Turkey were photographed together. They stated emphatically Israel was to get none of their gas. Is that Jealousy I detect or why would they have this attitude toward Israel. I think it is they simply don’t allow Jews in to their clique! Any other views?????????????? It is their way of saying Jews have no part in their future prosperity circle of pleasure????I think so!Would welcome some input!

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