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Breaking the Treasure Code: the Hunt for Israel's Oil

Breaking the Treasure Code: the Hunt for Israel’s Oil

The story of the prophecy leading to Israel’s oil discovery and its fulfillment today. In light recent exploration and of Israel’s breaking news of a massive natural gas discovery off the coast of Haifa, this book and its implications are more relevant today than ever. (read more …)


The Great Treasure Hunt

The Great Treasure Hunt by: Jim Spillman

Would you like to know?

* Where the greatest treasure in the world is buried?
* Why Russia will attack Israel?
* The secret behind the battle of Armageddon? (read more)


The Oil of Israel

Prophecy Being Fulfilled

The Oil of Israel: Prophecy Being Fulfilled, the first book by Zion Oil & Gas Founder John Brown telling the story of Brown’s vision to discover the “Oil of Israel”. Includes Brown’s personal testimony and the scriptures…(read more)


Defending Christian Zionism

Has God brought the Jewish people back to Palestine?

  • How can both Jews and Christians be God’s chosen people?
  • How many covenants are there in the Bible?(Read more)



How the Church Lost the Truth

It should have been so simple. There was the Bible, God’s authoritative and complete word for mankind. His gift to us. One volume of sixty six books in all, from “In the beginning” to “amen”. One basic message. Choose Life, He said. So what did we do? We chose… (Read more)



How the Church Lost the Way

Tackling the ‘uncomfortable truth’ for the Church, this book packs a heavyweight punch in a lightweight package. With great clarity and style the author explains how the Church has been strangled by its past and how the faith in Jesus Christ was infiltrated by pagan ideas from Greek philosophy that have remained to this day. (Read more)



Jesus: Man of Many Names

The most illuminating book on Jesus in recent years.

Are you prepared for a new book about Jesus that does offer fresh insights without boasting new revelations? (Read more)



The Land of Many Names

Towards a Christian understanding of the Middle East conflict

Much heat has been generated by the subject of Israel and Palestine. It’s a subject that will not go away and it is crucial that Christians should have a clear grasp of both the spiritual and historical issues involved. (Read more)



The People of Many Names

Towards a clearer understanding of the miracle of the Jewish people
The Jews are a mystery to most, provoking a whole range of questions. (Read more)



Israel: The Mystery of Peace

True stories of hope and reconciliation from the Middle East that, remarkably, are holding firm despite the ongoing unrest in Israel today. These stories demonstrate that there is another road map for peace emerging in Israel today… (Read more)



The Power New Testament

The Power New Testament is a fresh translation of the Fourth Edition United Bible Society Greek Text, bringing out the power in the Greek language that is frequently overlooked in other English translations. (Read more)



To Life

Are you satisfied with your Christian life or do you get the feeling that something is missing, but you’re not sure what it is? Have you ever asked the question, where does the World end and the Church begin? (Read more)



A Future For Israel?

Israel: the Mystery of Peace describes several stories of reconciliation between Jews, Arabs and Christians within Israel, the West Bank and Gaza that demonstrates how, through a common belief… (Read more)


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