Zion Oil Releases 2012 ‘Joseph Project’ Video

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Zion Oil & Gas debuted it’s 2012 Corporate video, “The Joseph Project”, during last week’s National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. In the video Zion Founder John Brown reviews the company’s mission and vision for Israel. Zion CEO Richard Rinberg and COO Victor Carrillo share their thoughts on the recent and future exploration activities.

Zion Oil & Gas is dedicated to finding and producing oil and gas in Israel.

Zion’s next well planned for the Jordan Valley

October 21, 2011 by · 3 Comments 

In his October 7 Newsletter, Zion Oil & Gas CEO Richard Rinberg wrote. “Our schedules may change, but today, we believe that it is most likely that Zion’s next well will be drilled in our Jordan Valley License in 2012.”

Earlier this month Zion signed a seismic acquisition agreement with the Geophysical Institute of Israel (GII) to conduct a 2D field seismic survey in its Jordan Valley License area that is scheduled to commence in late 2011 or early in 2012.

Zion Oil & Gas Obtains License Extension

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DALLAS and CAESAREA, Israel, July 11, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. (Nasdaq:ZN) reported today that the Israeli Petroleum Commissioner has awarded the company a one-year extension on its Asher-Menashe petroleum exploration license in Northern Israel.

Zion’s Asher-Menashe license covers an area of approximately 78,824 acres located on the Israeli coastal plain and the Mount Carmel range between Caesarea in the south and Haifa in the north. The Asher-Menashe License had an initial three-year term, from June 10, 2007 to June 9, 2010 and, in May 2010, the License term was extended by one year, until June 9, 2011. On July 11, 2011, Zion received notification from the Israeli Petroleum Commissioner extending the term of the Asher-Menashe License by a further year, until June 9, 2012.

Richard Rinberg, Zion’s Chief Executive Officer, commented that, “In recent months, we submitted applications to the Israeli Petroleum Commissioner for three further exploration areas: the Dead Sea License Application (covering an area of approximately 74,925 acres), the Asher-Joseph Permit Application (covering an area of approximately 80,000 acres) and the Zebulun Permit Application (covering an area of approximately 157,480 acres). If all of our applications are granted, the total petroleum exploration area under Zion’s control would be approximately 530,346 acres.

The Asher-Menashe License extension carries a commitment to acquire additional seismic data and to begin drilling a well in the License Area no later than June 1, 2012.

The Jordan Valley License carries a commitment to acquire additional seismic data and to drill a well in the License Area no later than April 13, 2013.

We remain excited about the possibility of recovering hydrocarbons on our license and permit areas, onshore Israel, especially due to the U.S. Geological Survey report, published in April 2010, containing their assessment that there may be 1.7 billion barrels of recoverable undiscovered oil and 122 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas in the Levant Basin, as all of Zion’s exploration rights fall within the area of the Levant Basin.”

Zion’s common stock trades on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol “ZN” and Zion’s warrants trade under the symbol “ZNWAW and ZNWAZ”.

Zion Oil & Gas, a Delaware corporation, explores for oil and gas in Israel in areas located onshore between Haifa and Tel Aviv. It currently holds three petroleum exploration licenses, the Joseph License (on approximately 83,272 acres) and the Asher-Menashe License (on approximately 78,824 acres) between Netanya, in the south, and Haifa, in the north and the Jordan Valley License (on approximately 55,845 acres), just south of the Sea of Galilee. The total license area amounts to approximately 217,941 acres.


Zion Testing Ma’anit Well

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Zion CEO Richard Rinberg at the Ma'anit Joseph #3 well

In his July 1 letter to shareholders, Zion Oil & Gas CEO Richard Rinberg wrote that Zion was planning to test the Ma’anit-Joseph #3 well in spite of disappointing wire-log reports. Based on the wire log data, Rinberg reported, “there is little chance that the Ma’anit-Joseph #3 well contains hydrocarbons in commercial quantities.”
The reason Zion decided to move forward with physically testing the well is that during drilling they experienced “significant natural gas shows.” The gas, according to Rinberg, pushed past the heavy drilling mud, indicating that it,”appears to be under relatively high pressure at depth.” Testing the well will determine exactly where the natural gas is coming from and whether there’s enough of it to make the Ma-anit-Joseph #3 a commercial well. Testing the well will also give Zion greater insight into the geology of their surrounding license area and may help them determine where to drill next.

When I first read Rinberg’s letter I was tempted to be a bit dis-heartened by the phrase describing the wire-log interpretation, “there is little chance” of a commercial discovery. But then I remembered another letter, one written to the Hebrew people about 2,000 years ago; it listed the heroes of old and the faith that allowed them to persevere in spite of the current technology telling them. “there is little chance.”

  • There was ‘little chance’ that a worldwide flood would destroy every living thing that wasn’t packed in Noah’s boat.
  • There was ‘little chance’ that Abraham, at 100 years old, and Sarah, at 90, would have a child.
  • There was ‘little chance’ that Isaac’s life would be spared by an angel and a ram caught by his horns in a thicket.
  • There was ‘little chance’ that a slave child with a death warrant on his head would be spared, raised in Pharaoh’s household, and exiled to the desert 40 years would lead his people out of slavery and into a Promised Land.
  • There was ‘little chance’ that a rag-tag group of pilgrims marching around Jericho could make the city’s walls fall down.
  • There was little chance that Gideon’s 300 men could rout an army of hundreds of thousand Midianites.
  • There was little chance a skinny 17 year-old kid could kill a fully armored Philistine warrior giant with a sling shot.

I could go on … Hebrew history is full of heroes who were given ‘little chance’. What was the one thing they had in common that far outweighed ‘little chance’ of success? Faith.

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for.” (Hebrews 11:1)

Faith doesn’t come from wire-log data; it comes from the One Who does what He promises. I’m looking forward to test results.


There is Oil in Israel …

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Everybody know the joke; “Moses should have turned left instead of right, he picked the only place in the Middle East with no oil”.
Zion Oil & Gas CEO Richard Rinberg proves naysayers wrong in this video – showing viewers the oil Zion has already discovered in Israel. This video was shot at Zion’s office in Caesarea, Israel.

Zion Oil Stock Continues Upward Trend

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Zion Oil & Gas Stock (ZN, NASDAQ) continues to rise since it’s six month low of $4.31 back in January. On March 2nd of this year Zion stock shot to $5.81 after broadcast media interviews and print news articles with Founder John Brown and CEO Richard Rinberg during the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville.

Zion stock settled down under $5.00 during much of March and then began to climb in April, topping at $5.40 after April 14 news of Israel awarding Zion Oil & Gas the Jordan Valley exploration license. Zion stock on the last day of trading since this report finished at $5.37.

Trading analyst, SmarTrend, announced Thursday that their  ‘uptrend’ call has been “vindicated” by Zion’s recent stock performance.

So what does this mean to those of us who aren’t Wall Street day traders or stock analysts? I’m not sure – I’m not one of those guys. I own Zion Oil stock because I believe in what they’re doing and I believe in the nation of Israel. Zion’s vision is to find oil in Israel and provide for the nation’s domestic energy needs through that(those) discovery(ies).

What about the daily ups and downs of Zion’s stock? At this point, who cares? I figure that an oil company’s stock value isn’t really all that important until they’ve either discovered oil and/or gas, or they give up looking. Zion hasn’t made a discovery (yet) and they sure as heck haven’t shown any signs of giving up. Until one or the other happens, I’m all in.

*Reminder – the editor of www.OilinIsrael.net is not an investment consultant or a stockbroker (not even close). For investment advice see your financial counselor, or better yet – if you’re a believer in Israel’s G-d, seek His advice.

Zion Oil Appoints Ilan Sheena as CFO

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Zion CFO Ilan Sheena

Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. (NASDAQ GM: ZN) announced on April 7 that Mr. Ilan Sheena CPA (Israel) has been appointed Chief Financial Officer of the Company, effective March 31, 2011. Mr. Sheena replaces Kent Siegel, who has resigned from the Company by mutual and amicable agreement.

Mr. Sheena, age 52, has been Vice President (Finance) of the Company’s Israeli Branch since November 2009 and Managing Director of the Israeli Branch since August 2010. Mr. Sheena is an accounting professional with broad local and international experience. He has a degree in Accounting and Economics from Tel Aviv University and is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel.

*Editors Note: I have visited Zion’s Israel offices several times in the last few years and met Ilan when he first came aboard with Zion and have spoken with him on every subsequent visit. In my opinion, Zion is fortunate to have such a capable and positive person in the CFO position.

Steve Spillman

Broadcasters buzz about Zion Oil & Gas at NRB

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Earlier this month the annual National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, Tennessee was a buzz over Zion Oil’s recent exploration for oil and gas in Israel.

Christian television and radio broadcasters, including American Family Radio, Christian Television Network, the Herman and Sharon Show, Faith Radio with Bob Crittendon, and Charles Crismier’s “Viewpoint” news radio show hosted Zion Oil & Gas Founder John Brown and CEO Richard Rinberg as they had shared Zion’s vision and exploration activities in Israel with their audiences around the world.

“As believers (biblical prophecy being fulfilled in Israel) should be important to all of us as far as carrying the message that we have … other people need to know that truth, that Jesus is the Messiah. And when G-d puts something in Torah and in the Tenach, that is His Word and His Word should not be doubted.” John Brown stated as he discussed the biblical prophecy of a massive oil and gas discovery currently being fulfilled in Israel today.

Charles Crismier’s radio interview with John Brown and Richard Rinberg can be heard in its entirety at: http://archives.inforadionet.com:8080/viewpoint/vp030111.mp3

Video Shoot at Zion’s Ma’anit-Joseph #3 Well

February 10, 2011 by · 4 Comments 

Zion's John Brown & Richard Rinberg

We (True Potential Media) traveled to Israel for a week of shooting video at Zion Oil’s office in Caesarea, their Ma’anit-Joseph #3 well site in Northern Israel, and in Jerusalem. Zion Founder John Brown, CEO Richard Rinberg, President and CEO Bill Ottaviani and Executive VP Victor Carrillo were on-site in Israel for interviews on the vision and progress of Zion Oil’s mission in Israel.

The video, photographs, and other content produced during the shoot will be compiled and presented over the next few weeks and months as Zion shares its story and its vision with the world: ” … to assist Israel in the restoration of the Land by finding and producing oil and gas – helping to make Israel politically and economically independent.”

Visit the Oil in Israel and Zion Oil Facebook pages as we add photos to the Israel albums.

Zion Oil Reduces Warrant Price

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Zion's Ma'anit-Joseph #3 Well

Dallas, Texas and Caesarea, Israel – January 3, 2011: Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. (NASDAQ GM: ZN, ZNWAW) today announced that it has temporarily reduced the exercise price of its outstanding publicly traded warrants under the symbol ZNWAW (the “Warrants”) to $4.00 (from the $7.00 exercise price provided by the original terms of the Warrants) until 5:00 p.m. eastern time on March 7, 2011 (the “Expiration Time”). Any and all Warrants properly exercised in accordance with the terms of the Warrants prior to the Expiration Time will be accepted by Zion at the reduced exercise price and one share of registered common stock per Warrant will be issued to the exercising Warrant holder. After the Expiration Time, the $7.00 exercise price included in the original terms of the Warrants will be reinstituted. Except for the reduced exercise price of the Warrants prior to the Expiration Time, the terms of the Warrants remain unchanged. The reduced exercise price applies to all of Zion’s currently outstanding Warrants that publicly trade under the symbol ZNWAW. Holders of Warrants that desire to exercise their Warrants should contact their brokers and instruct them to exercise the Warrants prior to the Expiration Time.

As of today’s date, approximately 606,000 ZNWAW Warrants are outstanding. Zion’s common stock is listed on the NASDAQ GLOBAL Market under the symbol ZN and Zion’s Warrants being reduced are listed on the NASDAQ GLOBAL Market under the symbol ZNWAW. Zion recommends that Warrant holders obtain current market quotations for Zion’s securities before deciding whether or not to exercise their Warrants.

Richard Rinberg, CEO of Zion, stated, “We are pleased to offer our ZNWAW warrant holders the opportunity to exercise their warrants at a reduced exercise price of $4.00 and hope that a substantial number of these warrants will be exercised. We want to be fair to all of Zion’s investors and in addition to potentially raising a significant amount of capital for Zion, we believe that a reduction in the number of our outstanding warrants will simplify our capital structure and reduce the overhang of those warrants on the Company’s common stock”.


The information above does not constitute an offer to buy or exchange securities or constitute the solicitation of an offer to sell or exchange any securities in Zion.

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