Earlier this month the annual National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, Tennessee was a buzz over Zion Oil’s recent exploration for oil and gas in Israel.

Christian television and radio broadcasters, including American Family Radio, Christian Television Network, the Herman and Sharon Show, Faith Radio with Bob Crittendon, and Charles Crismier’s “Viewpoint” news radio show hosted Zion Oil & Gas Founder John Brown and CEO Richard Rinberg as they had shared Zion’s vision and exploration activities in Israel with their audiences around the world.

“As believers (biblical prophecy being fulfilled in Israel) should be important to all of us as far as carrying the message that we have … other people need to know that truth, that Jesus is the Messiah. And when G-d puts something in Torah and in the Tenach, that is His Word and His Word should not be doubted.” John Brown stated as he discussed the biblical prophecy of a massive oil and gas discovery currently being fulfilled in Israel today.

Charles Crismier’s radio interview with John Brown and Richard Rinberg can be heard in its entirety at: http://archives.inforadionet.com:8080/viewpoint/vp030111.mp3

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