Tamar $5 billion gas deal with Dalia Power

January 10, 2012 by  

(from Natural Gas Asia) Delek Drilling-LP (DEDRL) and its partners in Israel’s Tamar gas field have signed a $5 billon agreement to supply Dalia Power Energies Ltd. with natural gas for 17 years.

Bloomberg reports that Tel Aviv-based Dalia Power is building a power station using natural gas at the Tzafit site in central Israel. Once completed, the plant would supply some 8 per cent of national energy consumption, making it one of the country’s biggest privately operated power stations.
Israel is encouraging the development of independent power producers to introduce competition in a market monopolized by state-owned Israel Electric Corp.
“This is one of several deals that we expect to come,” said Richard Gussow, an analyst at Deutsche Bank AG in Tel Aviv.

In November of last year, South Korean giant Daewoo signed a deal with the partners in the Tamar field, (Noble, Delek Group and Isramco Inc.) to develop the Tamar gas field. Daewoo expects to produce liquefied natural gas from the field by the end of 2016. Estimates put the field to have 240 billion cubic meters of natural gas.


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  1. James Stark on January 26th, 2012 9:25 am

    This may seem to be two unrelated statements but read onand you will see the connection. Of course, agreeing with it is a choice. Be careful before deciding.

    Any crime scene requires a means, motive, and opportunity. Israel has been at the center of controversy for more years than most nations have existed. National borders have changed after every major war, but there has always been a reason for each battle. The common denominator for all wars is to improve one’s position in the world, regional of global, by reducing the capacity of the other combatant or taking away from thme what the other wants. Children do this from a very early age.

    Israel has been one of the few energy poor nations in the region. They have had to rely upon Danish oil and perhaps some from the Americas. Now they are about to become energy rich. They will likely have the resource of greatest demand within their own back yard and under their own feet. This gives MOTIVE for someone else to intervene, putting in nicely, and take what it is that they have recently discovered.

    Israel is also one of the most hated people of their cousins the Arabs.This hatred goes back several thousand years. The many wars of recent between these two peoples who are really one has been over hatred with the MEANS of religious Jihads… “Drive the Jew (Israel) into the sea so that they are no longer. The Islamic motive is to eliminate Israel even though most of the Arab nations we know today did not have borders until the British and French mandates of the 1920’s.

    Here is the missing ingredient… OPPORTUNITY. Iran cannot be allowed to have or posses a nuclear capacity according to the EU, Saudi Arabia, USA, and many other nations.Iran has a “protection agreement” with certainly Russia, probably China, and a sympathy agreement with N.Korea. If Israel or even the USA denies Iran a nuclear facility by force, it gives the bear from the north, Russia, the opportunity to step into the picture and retaliate for the sake of a neutralized Iran. Russians real reason for taking the risk and military action would not be to protect Iran, but to take control of the vast and recent discoveries of oil and natural gas reserves.

    To those few who really understand what I am saying here… this is precisely what the Bible told us will happen. Now under the guise of being a good ally, Russian will have means, motive and opportunity. To Noble Oli… be prepared; it is coming.

  2. Sedes Gobhani on July 27th, 2012 12:00 am

    James that is very insightful and it sounds as if you are referring to the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39.

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