Yesterday a friend reminded me of Israel’s gas pipeline infrastructure. That’s important now that Israel has discovered natural gas. There must be some infrastructure in place to get gas from the well site to where it will be used for energy (mostly power plants).
The Tamar #1 discovery (5 trillion cubic feet) is 80 kilometers off the coast of Haifa. That means in order to bring that gas to market, a pipeline will have to be built from the offshore rig to Haifa and then to the existing Israeli pipeline infrastructure. Noble Energy, primary partner in the Tamar discovery estimates it will be three years before gas from the discovery actually reaches the market. Others in the industry estimate longer.

But then a light went on in my head. I remembered seeing a map of Zion Oil’s license areas and Israel’s existing and planned natural gas pipelines. Here’s the map:

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Israel’s existing natural gas pipeline runs north just off the Mediterranean coast. The reason for its current location is to supply fuel for power plants along the coast. Construction is underway for a trunk line to the Hagit and Alon Tavor power plants inland. Another trunk line is planned for this year, running from the coast to the area of Zion’s Ma’anit #l well site. Remember, Zion’s immanent Ma’anit Rehoboth #2 well will use the same wellbore as the Ma’anit #1 – it’s in the same location. Should Zion find gas instead of oil or gas and oil in the Ma’anit #2 well, they would have a built in pipeline infrastructure. In the event of a discovery, they could be supplying natural gas to Israel before the offshore discovery comes on line!

I asked a friend and very high placed source of mine from Israel today about the pipeline. He confirmed what I just laid out and went a step further. There’s a manufacturing plant a few hundred yards from the Ma’anit Rehoboth well site. This plant currently uses diesel fuel to fire its boilers. It has requested to be first in line to buy any gas produced at the Ma’anit Rehoboth site. So there you have it! The greatest natural gas discovery in Israel’s history and Zion, God willing, may beat them to the market. But remember this is all just speculation. Zion has to find the gas first. And, of course, they could find oil – which is what we’ve been looking for all along.

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