Zion Logs the Ma’anit Rehoboth #2

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Zion Logging 1Last week, Zion Oil conducted logging operations (gathering data inside the wellbore) down to a depth of 17,040 feet. Results from the logging operations will help Zion geologists determine if and where potential hydrocarbons exist in the well and how to proceed with drilling or possible production.

Below is a synopsis of last week’s efforts by Zion CEO Richard Rinberg:

An important part of our geological work during drilling is to continually examine the rock cuttings from the well bore (brought up to the surface by the circulating drilling mud) and match that physical evidence against the ‘expected’ rock cuttings. In our database of scientific information, we maintain a computer model of the expected rock strata.

As more information is gathered, the computer model is amended and in the event of a material difference between the ‘actual’ and the ‘expected’, it may be highly desirable to obtain further information by ‘logging’.

You may remember (from our previous logging) that the definition of ‘logging’ is: ‘to test and evaluate the well, using electrical wireline well logs’.

Zion Logging 2The ‘sonde’ is lowered down the hole on a ‘wireline’ and various measurements are recorded.

The ‘sonde’ is a cylinder filled with instruments that can sense the electrical, radioactive and sonic properties of the rocks (and their fluids) and the diameter of the wellbore.

The ‘wireline’ is an armored cable with steel cables surrounding conductor cables in insulation. It is reeled out from a drum in the back of the logging truck.

The data from the sonde is transmitted up the cable to instruments in the logging truck and recorded.

Using state-of-the-art Baker Atlas logging equipment, we are able to obtain very high-quality data. This past week, we logged an interval of approximately 500 meters; from a depth of approximately 4,825 meters down to approximately 5,325 meters.

The logging will enable us to make decisions based on scientific evaluation rather than hunches and guesstimates.

Glenn and logsSo, this past week, we are still at a depth of approximately 17,470 feet (5,325 meters), close to our final target of approximately 18,040 feet (5,500 meters).

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3 Responses to “Zion Logs the Ma’anit Rehoboth #2”

  1. Rainman19 on September 5th, 2009 2:38 am

    Half the fun of investing is “reading between the lines.” As the company drills on, the feeling is that they’re through the Triassic and into the cap rock. (The cap rock could be 400ft thick.) All information suggests that the cap is extremely hard shale/dolomite and drilling will be slow. Interesting to note that they logged, but didn’t case the last 500m indicating that they aren’t worried about “stuck tools” in this part of the well. The hope is that they’ll be through the cap rock and into the Permian pay zone soon. jmho

  2. Lyndon on September 18th, 2009 3:02 pm

    Where exactly is the Elijah #3 well going to be relative to the Maanit-Rehoboth well?

  3. Lyndon on September 18th, 2009 3:04 pm

    From the Sept. 18th 2009 update, despite drilling another almost 500 feet since last week, it wasn’t clear whether they hit or penetrated the Permian strata. Any opinion on the matter?

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